Is it ok if I continue with my Zumba classes/weight training/etc.?

Remember not to fall into the trap of more is better. More movement is great but more exercise is not. It’s ok to do anything that’s required for daily living (activities/transport) such as moving boxes, walking around the block, gardening, things at work.

However Dr. Jade is encouraging you to commit to no additional exercise which is defined as structured routine (classes at the gym, weights, extra push-ups, etc).

Unlimited leisurely walking is encouraged. This is low impact and has negative impact on hunger and cravings. Gentle restorative yoga is also fine.

If you are an advanced exerciser and unwilling to give up your running, weight training, etc. Dr. Jade encourages you to split the amount of time you had been doing these activities in ½.

Remember that exercise is tricky as doing too much can trigger hunger, energy and cravings that make diet changes less likely. This is not good because diet is most important. If you want to do extra, add in the walking. Dr. Jade suggests 1 hour of walking in the morning on empty stomach on days that you don’t do the workout (and on days you do a walk after is great). Then, another hour at night before or after dinner.

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