What do I do after the 9 weeks?

The amount of exercise you use to lose the weight will be the amount of exercise you require, plus some, to keep the weight off. So whatever you do make sure you’re not slipping into an eating less, exercising more mindset.

If you are simply moving more because you like it and that’s what makes your metabolism feel most balanced… then absolutely honor your metabolism.

There is only one real rule in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and that is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

Remember that the metabolism will inevitably adapt and if you have not already hit a plateau or had some back slides YOU WILL. The metabolism is constantly in flux, which is why no one program can work forever. That’s why you must master the art of reading your metabolism and adjusting as needed to work with it.

In other words, continue being a detective rather than a dieter.

The two things required for lasting and sustainable weight loss are 1) calorie deficits and 2) hormonal balance.

Calorie deficit boosts weight loss, and SHMEC (sleep, hunger, mood, energy, cravings) tells you about the hormones. Keeping SHMEC in check may be the most important of the two because your metabolism can quickly fall out of balance and start storing fat again.

Focus on the 3 big "rocks," always and forever. They are 1) Diet 2) Movement 3) Exercise. Don't fall prey to the "more is better" mentality in exercise. More is not better, smarter is better. Once you understand that you will not fall for the lie of "all you need to do is exercise more or harder or longer” as this does not work long-term.

Remember there are lots of things in the world of health, fitness and weight loss you will be exposed to, and most are "small rock concerns" -- things like gluten, GMO, organic, and on it goes. Stick to the big rocks first, the other stuff is just sand and pebbles.

One of the best ways to maintain your results (or continue on your journey to your ideal body) is to have a continuous flow of new workouts, recipes, and advice ... to keep your metabolism guessing. It is also essential to get instant help from an expert if you hit an obstacle.

That’s why a significant number of Aftershockers choose to join us at Metabolic Mastery Club, where you’ll get weekly new delicious metabolism-enhancing recipes, new fat-busting workouts with Jade, and weekly research-backed tips for living your healthiest, happiest life.

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