I'm experiencing a lot of cravings with Metabolic Aftershock. Any suggestions?

One of the best tools for cravings is the cocoa drink. Cocoa contains anandamide (often referred to as chemical bliss), as well as phenylethylamine (this is what makes your dog sick but for us it mimics the feel good and motivating chemical dopamine) and it also will raise serotonin. Cocoa is also a blood sugar lowering agent as well for many.

In other words, there is a reason why we crave chocolate. Just remember this is cocoa powder only. Chocolate includes sugar and fat. If you tend to get headaches be careful, cocoa can trigger them in some people.

The best time to have the below recipe is whenever you typically get cravings. Right after dinner is a great time. Cocoa has very low caffeine content and should not interrupt sleep for most people.

The recipe for this is as follows:

  1. 1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa in a mug.
  2. Add hot water slowly on top while stirring to avoid clumping.
  3. Add unsweetened almond or coconut milk, cinnamon (this is especially extra beneficial for a blood sugar lowering effect), cayenne, and a natural no calorie sweetener like truvia, xylitol, erythritol or stevia.

Dr. Jade says that you can drink up to 3 cups of this a day without a problem and this is not considered a snack.

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