Should I eat before I work out?

If you feel good exercising on an empty stomach then this is best. If you feel light-headed or weak doing this, then please be sure to eat something. It’s best to eat something a full hour before a workout so that you are able to digest the food prior to the movements. If you are unable to follow this schedule, you can have something very light before the workout…even a handful of nuts or ½ a piece of fruit might help.

It’s great to eat within 30 minutes to 1 hour of a workout whether it be a morning or evening workout – post workout you may want to try keeping your fat consumption low. There are varying thoughts with this but, in general, consuming protein and healthy carbohydrates within 30 minutes of a workout is appropriate. You’ll want to minimize healthy fat consumption post workout so keep your post workout lean and full of protein and plenty of vegetables (or if the morning or doing a post workout shake, fruit). After a workout you want to restore the body with amino acids and refuel your glycogen stores with carbohydrates. If you add fat to this, it will compete with the absorption.

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