Where do I start?

The MMC is FULL of resources and information and can seem a bit overwhelming to new members sometimes. There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your membership and learn about how to use the club...

1. Watch the welcome tour video from Dr. Jonny: CLICK HERE or on the image below. (Please Note - you must first be logged in to the MMC for these links to work.)

2. From there, we recommend taking it one piece at a time. Below are a few ideas to get you started. (Please Note - you must first be logged in to the MMC for these links to work.)

- Pick one of Dr. Jonny's Expert interviews that interests you the most and either read the transcript of listen to the audio. A popular one is his interview with Dr. Srinivasan Pillay, How to Scientifically Train Your Brain to Finally Achieve All Your Goals: CLICK HERE.

- See what's for dinner tonight! Download the current MMC monthly dinner planner and see what metabolic-enhancing meal is recommended for dinner tonight. That will be one less thing on your todo list for today! CLICK HERE.

- Up for a workout? Click on the exercise videos tab and search for one that fits your level or target area: CLICK HERE.

- Have a question about your health? Odds are that Dr. Jonny has touched on the answer in one of his short and info-packed On-the-Go videos! Browse through the library and pick one (or three!) to get you started on the road to your best health! Looking for a suggestion? Here is one of his newest videos that is quickly becoming an MMC favorite, Dr. Jonny's 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge: How to beak out of your ruts, take control of your life, and empower yourself to make real change. CLICK HERE.

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