What is IGF-1 and what is the best way to increase my levels?

IGF-1 stands for “insulin-like growth factor.” It’s called “insulin-like” because its molecular structure is very similar to insulin, so much so that insulin and IGF-1 actually compete for the same receptors on the cell membrane.

You can think of both insulin and IGF-1 as fuel nozzles that are used to feed your cells. But the differences in the way they do it is critical to fat loss and critical to your health.

When you are a sugar burner, the primary pump delivering fuel for your cells is insulin. And this is a problem because insulin is the fat-making hormone, delivering fat-making messages that we’d prefer our cells not hear. What’s more, insulin is darn good at its job—the more insulin you’ve got circulating in your bloodstream, the fatter you get.

IGF-1 is a fat-burning hormone. It therefore stands to reason that when you’re a fat-burner, your cells are “listening” to IGF-1.

Which is exactly what you want.

You can drive insulin down with a low-carb diet any day—and that’s where most other diet programs call it good.

With the Metabolic Factor, you can do both: drive down insulin AND boost IGF-1.

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