What if I am not losing weight?

Weight loss is different for everyone and it's great that you have been so diligent with the diet, breathing, and sleep.  Dr. Jonny wants everyone to look at other factors beyond weight to help motivate you to continue.  Hopefully you have also tracked your measurements (sometimes you will see a loss here before the weight changes) and your SHMEC? 

In the next week we encourage you to stick with what you are doing and to also make sure that you are getting in your walking, drinking plenty of water (approximately 1/2 of your ideal body weight in ounces of water), and following the food program as closely as you can.  If your hunger or anything in your SHMEC is off, it's important to figure out why.  For instance, if you find that you are still hungry between meals, this is an indication that you may not be eating the right amounts of many cases adding healthier fat to your meals will help.  We encourage you to write down the things that have gone very well for you in the last 22 days.  Has your SHMEC improved?  Have you changed your diet and eaten better?  Have you felt better?  Writing these down will help you see that you are heading in the right direction.  If you have a lot of stress in your life, you will want to find ways to release and better manage it.  Also please do track your measurements so that you can start seeing if there are any changes with these over time.

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