Who is Dr. Dean Raffelock?

Dr. Dean Raffelock was a quadruple board-certified integrative clinician with over 4500 hours of training, who retired in 2013 after treating over 10,000 patients in 37 years of medical practice.

But, curious and passionate men like Dr. Raffelock never “really retire,” and he’s found great joy guiding, formulating, and testing Natural Health Sherpa’s performance-grade metabolism-enhancing supplements and protein powder.

The BIG difference with Dr. Raffelock is that while most other formulators are stuck in the lab, dealing with vials and statistics and a million miles away from the people they intend to treat, Dr. Raffelock has combined his extensive clinical experience (and cold, hard data from REAL patients) ... with the results of expensive but incredibly detailed lab tests ... and pinpointed precisely what works and what doesn’t when it comes to losing weight, enhancing metabolism, getting fit, and living the best life possible.

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