How fast will I see and feel results?

While everyone’s metabolism is different, you will typically feel the difference before you see it in the mirror or on the scale. People report feeling “more alive,” in control, and generally more optimistic after just 3-4 days on the program. Weight loss is noticeable after approximately 7 days as your body releases water and begins to burn fat instead of sugar.

In just 22 days, the hormonal receptors on your cell membranes will work again, your cells will grow more mitochondria (the energy production factories in your cells), and the unholy trio of a sugar-burning metabolism—inflammation, oxidation and glycation—will be kept to a minimum.

You will learn how to sleep better, stress less, detoxify your body and exercise more efficiently.

And this means you will see the last of the sugar-burning metabolism that’s kept you fat, sick, tired and depressed.

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