How can I modify the menus for vegetarians?

It can be challenging for vegetarians to lower their carbohydrate intake, but it is doable.

Often for vegetarians, we recommend during the 22 days that they include 2 shakes a day to ensure they are getting a lower-carbohydrate form of protein. 

Beans are allowed for vegetarians on the program but keep them to the higher protein based beans such as lentils. 

While grains like quinoa contain protein, it is also a high carbohydrate food so you will need to watch your portions. 

Fermented soy products are fine to have as a vegetarian on the program, as well as nuts (you can increase the portion size to 1oz per meal if needed). 

So, in summary, you can make adaptions while sticking with the principle that Dr. Jonny outlines in the program.  We hope this helps clarify things for you. Remember that stress, sleep, and Dr. Jonny's exercise and detoxification methods are important to incorporate as well.

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