My weight is not changing, why is this? (i.e. Weight vs. Inches)

Muscle and fat weigh the same, but a pound of muscle is denser and therefore takes up less space on the body (less space than fat). From this perspective, inches lost are more indicative of fat loss compared to weight. In other words, you should be happier with inches lost.

Metabolic Prime is mostly about body transformation versus weight loss. The distinction gets lost on many, but remember you would not want to be smaller, flabbier and the same shape would you? That is frequently the case in the traditional ‘do more, eat less programs’. You lose some fat, but you lose muscle too. Here we are doing everything we can to make you a better fat burner and to hold on to your muscle. Some of you may even see muscle gains.

If you trade a pound of muscle in place of fat, you will be smaller, tighter and more metabolically efficient despite weighing the same. So what are some other ways to assess fat loss versus weight loss? The tracking sheets, clothes, pictures. Snapping a picture every week in your bathing suit can really make a difference when you look back over things.

“Fluff” can happen at the end of your female hormonal cycle (whether you are still getting your period or not) due to natural water flux. Too many carbohydrates or times when your body is making muscle as it repairs and builds can also cause inflammation. Water is involved with both mechanisms. Our metabolisms are not static but rather perpetual see-saws. Lower ratios of female hormones (peri- and post-menopause) make us more stress reactive and insulin sensitive. So this goes back to higher water flux and/or inflammation that can change how our metabolic hormones talk to one another.

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