Will this program affect my libido?

Female libido is a little bit different than male. Women are more stress-reactive. Women who are stressed out are going to see a drop in libido. That makes the rest-based living portion of this program even more important. Now in the context of exercise, metabolic dysfunction, and libido, both eating less and exercising more will cause problems with libido because the body says, “well, there’s not enough resources to produce a baby.”

Being overweight also is a stress on the body, so the body says, “yeah, it’s not really conducive to producing a baby.” That means being overweight can also cause your libido to suffer.

This particular program balances the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, adrenal axis, and thyroid axis. That means it is basically optimizing female sexuality as well. You should not be surprised by an increased drive for both desire and performance sexually.

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