My doctor wants to put me on hormone replacement therapy. What do you recommend?

There’s nothing wrong with going on HRT, especially when you consider that many women who are good candidates for it are suffering pretty dramatically with signs and symptoms that may keep them from working out or eating appropriately. HRT is not something to be afraid of. When possible, Dr. Jade’s bias is to use bio-identicals—hormones that are biochemically identical to the ones naturally occurring your body.

One thing to be aware of if you are starting out on hormone replacement is that estrogen has a special relationship to thyroid hormone. If estrogen levels are too high, it can make thyroid hormone less effective. This has to do with how it changes the proteins that carry thyroid hormone around the body.

We suggest being screened for any thyroid-related issues before going on HRT. If you have low thyroid function you may want to have your thyroid closely monitored when you go on HRT.

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