Why is this diet different than your other programs?

The Metabolic Factor is our entry level program, and introduces you to cycling with what you can think of as mini-cycles. It cycles carbs every few days to keep the metabolism guessing.


Metabolic Aftershock and Metabolic Prime are both eat less, exercise less approaches that focus on the 3-2-1 Diet (we just didn’t call it that) with an optional carb refeed thrown in.


The truth is that Metabolic Renewal isn’t all that different. It just looks that way on the surface. Most people do not do well with too much carbohydrate.


But the idea that you should starve your body of carbs forever isn’t right either. Your metabolism adapts and reacts, compensating for this reduction in carbohydrate. The result? Your metabolism can slow way down. Cycling the diet prevents this.


So, if you’ve been following any of these programs, moving in the direction outlined here will take your results to the next level and it will help you more effectively integrate this way of eating and living into your life.

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