What is Metabolic Renewal and how do I know it will work for me?

Metabolic Renewal is the first hormone-focused body change program ever developed specifically for women. It is also architected to be the last diet and exercise program you will ever need. That’s because it gives you the tools and knowledge needed to personalize the program so you can adapt how you eat, exercise and live in response to how your body’s natural cycles, rhythms and hormonal changes as you age.

This program is like no other on the market. It is the culmination of Dr. Jade’s 25 plus years of working in the trenches with women of all ages as a personal trainer, across the desk as a doctor and as a life coach and counselor for women in all stages of life.

It will work for you, because it was designed specifically for you. As you will learn on the research page, most of the fitness and nutrition research out there is done on young, college-aged men. This program changes all that by providing women a system that is based on their unique female metabolism.


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