How fast will I see results once I start Metabolic Renewal?

You can expect to feel the results within 48 hours.  The first thing you may notice is a better mood and enhanced energy, followed by better sleep.  Then your appetite and cravings may start to normalize and other symptoms you’ve struggled with may start to improve.

That will continue all the way through the first phase, where you may start to notice your body changing significantly for the better.  It’s important to not obsess about the number on your scale as that can hide significant improvements happening with your body.

It’s almost a cliché, but remember that muscle weighs more than fat. And HGH, one of the female metabolic advantages that we’re harnessing with Metabolic Renewal, goes to work quickly burning fat and building lean, toned muscle.

The weight loss will naturally come, but you want it come gradually, as your body allows it.  If you force it too hard, the same thing will happen that may have happened to you before:  your metabolism gets stressed out, your appetite and cravings increase, and the weight comes piling back on.

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