What is proper form for the Metabolic Renewal exercises?

It’s always a good idea to watch the first round of your video before beginning, especially if you’re new to this style of exercise.

Perfect form is always demonstrated by the models in your exercise videos. Watch them closely if you aren’t sure!

Other than that, good form on every exercise means level shoulders, chest up, shoulders down and back (not hunched up to your ears), hips aligned forward and level not bending at the waist, arms in front.

Always keep your core taut for support, in every move.

If you are twisted or tilted in any way, this can cause imbalanced training, pain, and even injury.

Finally, if you’re trying out a new move, slower is always better. It might feel awkward at first. What you’re doing is building new neuromuscular connections and literally teaching your brain and muscles how to do this new move. When you’ve got it down, then you can go faster and add weight.

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