Is Metabolic Renewal safe?

Absolutely. It’s designed to be the exact opposite of the risky one-size-fits-all traditional exercise routines and crash diets that most women do.  Its flexible framework allows you to customize it to work with your own natural hormone rhythms and cycle to get the best results in the least time.

Metabolic Renewal is designed for the beginner, advanced athlete, and anyone in between.  With three variations of intensity (bodyweight, bands or dumbbells) you can select the most appropriate challenge level to start, and then progress to the next level when you’re ready.

The program is easy to do, even for those who have injuries or other physical limitations.  We’ve included special modifications for each move to account for the most common issues people may face, allowing anyone with previous injuries or limitations to maximize their results.

The workouts inside Metabolic Renewal are designed for “YOU.”  That means you push at your intensity level, not someone else’s.  When you “Push Until You Can’t, Rest Until You Can,” you will stimulate the right combination of hormones that amplify your maximum fat-burning potential.

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