Is this suitable for absolute beginners?

Absolutely.  Each exercise is 45 seconds long and a full workout session is just 15 minutes and most important of all, it’s FUN.

The great thing about Dr. Jade’s rest-based training method is that not only is it perfect for beginners or people who are out of shape, but it also works great for those who are already super fit.  How?

The rest-based training methodology allows you to set your own pace.  You push as hard as your body allows… and then you rest.  And you keep on resting until you are ready to push hard again.  There’s no jacked-up fitness trainer yelling “no pain, no gain”!

The total elapsed time of the workout is 15 minutes.  Those who are beginners may be working out a total of just 3-4 minutes and resting the remainder of the time, while those who are in better shape may be working out a total of 10-12 minutes and resting the remainder.  As your cardiovascular fitness naturally improves, you’ll be working out more and resting less… but at your own pace.

This rest-based training feature is what allows anyone to tailor it to their specific needs.

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