What do I do after the 12 weeks?

After going through Metabolic Renewal you will likely emerge feeling stronger and leaner than you have in a very long time. This is a great place to be and is highly motivating. It’s also a place where many people fall off the wagon.

Humans are weird. Once we find something that works, all of a sudden we want to change it. Dr. Jade sees it in his clinic all the time. People see results, then they think they are done with the program and it’s time to change to something else. This is exactly the wrong approach.

What you want to do is continue to work with your metabolism to make it even stronger, tighter and leaner. Ultimately that means challenging the metabolism. It’s a little like math. Once you learn basic arithmetic you go into geometry and algebra. Eventually you even get to trigonometry and calculus.

You want to keep progressing this way physically as well. That ultimately means three things:

  • More weights.
  • Higher intensity.
  • Watching your SHMEC and altering your diet and lifestyle to fit these changes in weight and intensity.

Chapter 14 of your Metabolic Renewal Roadmap goes into the details of how to do those three things. You can find the Roadmap by clicking HERE.

Another option to maintain your results at this time is to have a continuous flow of new workouts, recipes, and advice ... to keep your metabolism guessing. It is also essential to get instant help from an expert if you hit an obstacle.

That’s why a significant number of Renewal Women choose to join the Metabolic Mastery Club, where you’ll get weekly new delicious metabolism-enhancing recipes, new fat-busting workouts with Jade and his team, and weekly research-backed tips for living your healthiest, happiest life.

Click HERE to view a short tour of the Metabolic Mastery Club from Dr. Jonny Bowden or contact our friendly customer service team for more information...

Phone: 1-800-316-8556


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